Netcom Family Day..

Monday, 10 December 2012

Assalamualaikum my friends..

       Its already one week that day happens.. Last Saturday I'm with several classmate going to PD because we have "Netcoms Family Day".. Actually this event should be coming more early but some problem that we can't prevent, the committee need to rearrange back the date.. Alhamdulillah last Saturday is going like they are planning.. Thanks to them..

        Back to the story, I'm pretty excited to going PD because it been long time that I'm not going to join activity like this.. The best part is I'm the only one male participant.. hee~.. Arghh, i can't let this happen.. so I'm persuade Haziq to join us, Alhamdulillah Haziq agree with it.. hehe.. We leave from UiTM around 8.10 am and arrive there at 10.00 am.. The AJK divide us with several group and they conduct the game.. I'm really enjoying the game and that activity make me feel energetic.. hee.. Hopefully next time, i have a chance to join activity like this again.. daa..       


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