yasumi with RoR..

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Assalamualaikum wbrt..

          Yasumi.. that you heard this kind of word before.? Yasumi  is Japanese language that means holiday.. Usually when we said about holiday it’s time to relaxing ourselves from work that we do for the whole week, but it doesn’t happen to me last weekend.. L I have attended Ruby on Rails (RoR) course.. And this goanna be happen to me for five coming week.. J  Honestly,  it is interesting to learn something new, learn something that i have never know before.. 

        Did you heard about this hadith before.? I’m pretty sure that all of you have heard about it and make sure we obey.. J

        But it is different from my BEL442 lecturer said “The more I learn, the more I know. The more I know, the more I forget. The more I forget, the less I know. So, why study (Sir Kamal, 2012).” Hee~.. I'm sure he just make a joke, so don’t make it serious.. Hee~..

         So, what just I’m learning from that program.. En Azrul (The Trainer) told us that before he goanna to lecture us about Ruby we need to master HTML, CSS, JQuery and database design.. That why for the hold Saturday we just refresh about it.. Alhamdulillah I have basic about it and make me ready to learn RoR.. 
       For the next day En Azrul briefly explain about  MVC, server, port, aptana, putty, GIT and bitnami rubystack.. It sound weird right.. Maybe, next entry I will share with you about that.. So make sure you don’t miss my next Entry..

Setsentrik or Netcentric.?

Monday, 24 September 2012

Hi everyone, I’m back with new Entry.. Hee~.. For this entry I would like to write about Netcentric..?? When Mdm Shahniza ask us to write about this, I’m just keep smiling, smiling and smiling.. But my brain is keep looking what is I’m going to write.. Ahh, my brain is going to blow when think about it..

"Kasih Ibu Membawa Ke Syurga"
Before I'm starts it, i have a story to share with you.. This is about my mom.. when her friend asked her what program that i take at UiTM, she said "setsentrik".. Hee~.. That so many time that i told her that is not "setsentrik" but "netcentric".. The same answer that come out from his mouth, "lebih kurang sama la tu".. Hehe~.. Then i said to her "ibu, lepas ni kalau sapa-sapa tanya abg amik kos apa, ibu cakap je abg amik komputer sains.. senang org paham.. x de la org tu tecengang je.. Hehe~.." we laughed together (urmm, I miss her)..

So, lets continue.. Most of us don’t know what netcentric is about.. Actually I'm also not really sure what is  it..  From what that I know "Netcentric is a combination of three major subject which is networking, web development and system”..  This information I get from my previous coordinator Mdm Maziah, actually she asked me to take this program.. She said Netcentric is new program that offer from UiTM and maybe when I’m graduate it will easier to get a job.. I hope so.. Insyaallah.. 

"Open to extensibility and close to change (Titiwangsa,2012)."

What should i write..?

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Assalamualaikum to everyone..
I always dream that i want to have my own blog that I can share anything that I want, but for some issues, I never did until now. But this time I’m deciding to start my blog because my lecturer asks to do it. Hee~. Actually, it's my assignment during this semester. Thanks for make my dream become true Mdm Nor Shahniza Kamaal Bashah. Without your encouragement i don’t know when I’m going to become blogger.

But I’m face a little problem, as you can see the title above i don’t know what I’m going to write on my first post. For me, the first post is really important because it sets the impressions for the blog, not just for the blog but for me as well. So, I’m deciding that my first post i would like to share about my personal details and what i will blogging about soon.

Hi, My name is Muhammad Shaheer Iqmal Bin Shamsuddin. I’m 21 years old and now I’m studying at UiTM Shah Alam taking BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (HONOURS) NETCENTRIC COMPUTING. So, about what I’m going to blogging soon I would like to share anything that cross on my mind. Actually I would like to share knowledge that can give some input when you read it. I really hope that what I write can be meaningful to others.

Umm. Lastly but not least I’m really appreciated if you can leave feedback, give some comment. If I’ doing right support me, but if I’m doing wrong, please advise me, teach me. 

Thanks for reading. Lets leave your comment and follow.