Sunday, 30 December 2012

Assalamualaikum my fellow friends..

     RDF is one of the components semantic web. Last time we already discussed about XML, hopefully it hoping you guys to understand what XML is about.  RDF is stands for Resources Description Frameworks.  RDF is datamodel for object/resources and relations between them. It provides simple semantic for datamodel. RDF is written in XML and it’s designed for to be understood for machine and not for human.

RDF rules:'

1.       RDF use URI to indentify each resource.
2.       RDF describes resources by property and property value.
Resources = Subject
Property = Predicate
Property value = Object

         ‘The author for http://www.shah.com is shaheer iqmal’
                  Subject = http://www.shah.com
                  Predicate = author
                  Object = shaheer iqmal


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